Tender Loving Kindness for our meditation

Dear Group,

We will be continuing on the theme of Tender Loving Kindness for our meditation meeting this Friday. Some of you may have Inner Critics that will turn up their noses on this topic with disdain or possibly anxiety. Yes, our Inner Critics don’t like Tender Loving Kindness because it invites all of our wounds to come out of hiding and to be nurtured and loved. And if there is one thing our Inner Critics were designed to do it was to banish our wounded parts into the netherworld of the unconscious: buried but never healed. Tender Loving Kindness is a way towards healing because it is unafraid of the pain of our wounds. With Tender Loving Kindness we can contact the pain without fear and allow the healing that has been prevented by the Inner Critics to flow. Very simple in theory but not always easy in practice! 
One other thing that Tender Loving Kindness brings us in contact with is our incredible aliveness. My Spiritual Psychology teacher Ron Hulnick used to say that one spiritual we have as we heal is being able to tolerate feeling really alive and joyful. As we heal our wounds what arises in their place is incredible aliveness and joy. So come take the joy challenge with us: how good can you allow yourself to feel? How open and undefended can you allow yourself to be?
See you soon,
FYI, as part of the talk at the end, I will be playing an exquisite piece of music, Salve Regina, by the Estonian composer Arvo Part.
If you don’t already know of Part’s work go online and find the You Tube performance of this and other pieces by him. If you do, you will see why I am playing this particular piece when I talk about Tender Loving Kindness!!


About spirittherapist

The integration of spiritual and psychological work. Robert B. Cornell Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) Robert has been practicing marriage & family therapy for 14 years. He is experienced in the areas of depression, anxiety, spiritual direction, vocational counseling, and recovery work. He enjoys working with individuals, adults, and young adults. His work incorporates cognitive-behavioral, acceptance & commitment, depth psychology, humanistic-existential, and psychodynamic therapies. Robert is in the process of publishing a book on psycho-spiritual growth entitled, “Fifty Ways of Letting Go”.
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