Just like a cloud floating in the air

When we bring our egoic consciousness to meditation we have a set up for a basic frustration. Egoic consciousness wants to have a goal so it can “do” something so that it can achieve something. It says essentially, “Give me something to do (meditation) so that I can then reach this great goal of enlightenment. Then when I reach this goal, I will be free of suffering and I can be happy.”

Already there lies the problem, for egoic consciousness has set up a goal that it is striving to attain. It is then alienated from BEING. BEING just IS. It does not do. It just is. Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:….sound familiar???

So we just sit and breathe and think and plan and struggle until we get tired of all of the trying and doing and we just gradually settle into being. Just breathing. Just …being. No goal to reach. No place to get to ….just right…here. No place else to go. No past no future. No goal to attain. So simple. So obvious that it isn’t obvious, at least to our poor goal oriented ego!

Blessings, Robert Cornell

About spirittherapist

The integration of spiritual and psychological work. Robert B. Cornell Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) Robert has been practicing marriage & family therapy for 14 years. He is experienced in the areas of depression, anxiety, spiritual direction, vocational counseling, and recovery work. He enjoys working with individuals, adults, and young adults. His work incorporates cognitive-behavioral, acceptance & commitment, depth psychology, humanistic-existential, and psychodynamic therapies. Robert is in the process of publishing a book on psycho-spiritual growth entitled, “Fifty Ways of Letting Go”.
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