One style of meditation could be described as resting in the seat of the Heart. This often starts as a devotional prayer that focuses on God, Jesus. Mother Mary, or other religious figures. It may start with words or images but eventually it empties of words and images and becomes a living presence, a dwelling in silence in the heart. In this practice, when our attention leaves the heart and gets involved with other things we gently brings it back down into the heart space again and again.

One challenge for this practice, in addition to the wandering mind, is when the heart space feels tight or cramped. This can be painful to experience, and yet we gently persist, perhaps putting our hand over our heart space to bring attention and comfort to the heart. Often what we are experiencing in these moments is one of our old wounds and so it take compassion and persistence to stay with the hurt. Gradually as we stay present, the Beloved will enter in and heal the wound. We don’t need to psychoanalyze it or try to fix it ourselves.

And sometimes as we bear with it, the gift of tears will manifest and we feel the Beloved’s presence in the heart of hearts. This can be a time of poignant sweetness where our sense of unworthiness, alienation and loneliness melt away and we stand in the presence of the Beloved. This happens in God’s time, not ours. It is ultimately a surrender into the arms of the Beloved.

About spirittherapist

The integration of spiritual and psychological work. Robert B. Cornell Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) Robert has been practicing marriage & family therapy for 14 years. He is experienced in the areas of depression, anxiety, spiritual direction, vocational counseling, and recovery work. He enjoys working with individuals, adults, and young adults. His work incorporates cognitive-behavioral, acceptance & commitment, depth psychology, humanistic-existential, and psychodynamic therapies. Robert is in the process of publishing a book on psycho-spiritual growth entitled, “Fifty Ways of Letting Go”.
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